After Portsmouth we made a speedy getaway to Brighton were we would be setting up base camp for the next few days at our good friend Stevie Teague’s. After a bit of craic we tucked in for the night. The next morning we got up early to take a walk around the Brighton lanes which is a must for anyone visiting the seaside resort. They officially have the best pie shop we’ve ever eaten in and it’s the home of GAK (Guitars, Amps and Keyboards). The boys spent a good hour messing with pedals and freaking out over class guitars, I did the same but up the road in the Drum Cavern, tapping on every cymbal and wailing it out on a few electric kits.

Later on once everyone was fed Teague went to search for the bar as it was just opened and no one had a clue where exactly in Brighton it was. Three hours later after some vegetating on the couch he found it and we made our way there. It was a lovely wee bar that wasn’t too far from what you would find back home… except for all the English peeps! We met a lovely APR fan there called Josh who was nice enough to bring us some teabags and crumpets as we’d said we’d never experienced the awesomeness of the crumpet before. During the gig we got constant requests for Whiskey in the Jar and the like so Gerry obliged promising we’d play them before battering into one of our own songs. “We’re not a cover band” he reassured the crowd but they kept falling for it. Mint! After packing up we’d plenty of pints and a cheeky bottle o’ vod and redbull in the back of the van and had a wee dance. Once we’d our fill at the bar we went back to the lads house to make loads of noise and have a dance to R. Kelly before retiring/passing out.


The next day everyone was off early downtown for some early morning hippie spotting and noticed a random sofa on the street, two hours later the sofa was being wedged into the house by seven lads including ourselves. After a 30 minute wrestling match with this thing we realised it would fit down the stairs into the living room so we gave up and turfed it back out… Fail.

the gig tonight was at the Chi Inn in Chichester, when we arrived we seen some amazing architecture and a lovely town, it’s the most well behaved place we’ve ever been to, we spent an hour walking around in hope of an off licence but had no luck. The band on before us were completely mental, think somewhere between tom waits and bon jovy and you’re nearly there.

After the gig we went back to Brighton to Teagues for some more late night drinking and to blow some Brighton folk away with Ok Go videos. Ian tried to party me under the table because of the mischief I got up to on the previous night, but ended up on the floor in his sleeping bag… He fought a good fight though in Fairness!