3 weeks ago we said a sad farewell to our beloved Belfast with a killer show in Queens SU in front of the home crowd. A fitting way to end and era, we’d like to thank you all for coming out and loosing your minds from the start. Emotional to say the least.

Our good friend Jonny from gay, little girl band LaFaro drove us to Nottingham keeping us wetting ourselves laughing for the duration of the trip. Our pad is pretty sweet compared to what we were living in in Belfast and the weather the 1st few days was amazing so Notts made a very good 1st impression on us. Bought a van, sorted practice room, got pissed in Rock City, joined the library, told specsavers we moved and nailed down the internet, gas and electricity. Once all that crap was sorted we got straight down to business and hit the road to play Coventry for the 1st time in a sweet venue called The Kasbah where we were treated like kings by the owner Dimitri who cooked us an unreal 2 course Greek traditional meal. Cheers dude. The gig was great too and there was staggering amount of ladies compared to the dudes. Lucky night for the lads of Coventry!

Then back down to that there London to play Camden Barfly with Norwegian punks Honningbarna (check em put they’re awesome and completely mental. The London audience, as always, we’re fantastic and completely locked in from start to finish thank you so much guys. Next London show is Old Blue Last June 16th and it’s flippin FREE. Drove from Camden to our house in Notts without sat nav which is remarkable for us wee Irish boys. Had a naked pillow fight.

Flew back to Belfast then to play the Lord Mayor’s Party with a couple of X Factor finalists and a lot of screaming young wans which was a little strange but a lot of fun in the pouring rain was had. Even more fun was has straight after when we shot day 2 of the Kids Don’t Behave Like This video which I can’t reveal too much of but I can say you’ll pee yourself laughing.

Back in Notts now ready to play the Dot2Dot Festival this weekend which is super exciting as we played it last year and it was a definite highlight. Made a merch stand out of a music stand that I’m very proud of so we’ll see how that pans out.

Right guys that’s enough for now, I promise to do more of these and make them a little more fun as I get the hang of it again. Haven’t blogged in ages. Now that we’re finally here, living together and totally focused on the band we’ll be able to keep all this going regularly and invite you into our adventure a lot more. Acoustic sessions was mentioned so if ya want us to record a song for you just ask, we might just do it. 

Always remember to use #APRmy if you’re on twitter so we can spread the word.

Love always,

Gerry Rose.