On Wednesday it was off to London to stay with auntie Mary after some much needed washing and a liberal dose of tea.  We headed for Sainsbury’s, picked up far too much meat, and ate a wile, wile lot of bolognaise.  Next morning we continued our tour of Britain’s best stadium architecture, which we’ve been coinciding with a few gigs over here, this time failing to find something called “Frat on Park” thank god!  In Portsmouth we loaded in and set off in search of some Weatherspoony nourishment and ended up in an off kilter non-weatherpoons straight out of little Britain.  We tried our best to get some food, but fell at the last hurdle as Gerry was asked for I.D. for his fish and chips.  So after some tasty Halal fried chicken we got back to The Edge Of The Wedge to watch the excellent ‘The Boy I Used To Be,  the gaseous (yes!) Big River Sounds and Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea, a really interesting shouty hardcore act on Small Town America.  The venue was really lovely and we had a nice wee crowd and a nice wee set.  April off of twitter even came down which was nice (thanks april!).  What do you know?  People off of twitter do exist!


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