After catching the 7:30am ferry from Belfast and a quick breakfast from Greggs…Chicken Curry Bakes x4, we were in Glasgow.
Gifted with delicious weather, a 30 minute set at the Stag and Dagger festival and the promise of a drink suspiciously named “Dragon Soop”, we were excited to get started.
Once we arrived at the venue, “ABC2”, streams of people were lining up to get their tickets for the festival, 1 pass, multiple venues, great idea.
Gerry at ABC2

After soundcheck, we were each given food passes for a cafe/art exhibition space called CCA, where we all went for a good Scottish delicacy…Haggis! Everyone should give it a go at least once.

20120530-033330 PM.jpg

Back at the ABC2, we watched sets from Passenger and To Kill A King. Wailed out 30 minutes of “classics”, some banter and got to meet up with some tweeps after the show.
All this and it’s only 7:30, only one thing to do…,watch the Champions League final. But first we met up with our Glasgow mates and went in search of “Dragon Soop”.

The next few hours are quite hazy but I’ll summarise:
– Chelsea won
– We found Dragon Soop
– Paul, Charlie and the lads are legends
– Gerry won a breakdance stand off, which he won by breaking out the worm (which he did like a boss)
– Managed to find the house were we floor surfing. Win!!

20120530-034217 PM.jpg

The following morning the four of us felt the worst for wear and a 4 and a half journey home in the blistering heat ahead of us.

Worth it!

T. APR. x