It’s 10am on a dry and quiet Monday morning and I’m a little hungover and lying beside Wonder drummer Kieran who I am glad to say doesn’t snore or dream fondle. Our tour manager Joe is on the single bed across from me. Incredibly (and for the 1st time) he’s not snoring like an ogre. My sore head is a result of us all letting loose a little in Nottingham after both bands played to a near packed out Rescue Rooms at the Dot To Dot Festival. Amazing venue equipped with balcony, huge screen and an adoring audience up for introducing a new band into their lives. We’ve played Notts 3 times previously in smaller venues (thank you Marty Toner) but my God yesturday blew our brains out. Everyone doing the ‘fisting dance'(dont google it you’ll find something else) was an obvious highlight.

We took advantage of the early start to drink and check out a couple of bands like Pure Love and Dog Is Dead (saw them 2 months ago with Elspeth in front of 25 ppl in Belfast and yest 1500. Yeowza) while catching a glimpse of a rainy city full of smiling faces. Nottingham is much more beautiful than I had previously given it credit for but in my defence we usually just stay for 5mins so it was the 1st time I got a good look. Lovely I say.

Joe our TM realised our journey to the next travel lodge was actually 2 hrs instead of 30mins which we previously thought so an early FIFA competition in the tour bus ensued and won by Kieran Coyle (you dark horse).

Eimear, Ryan and Cheyleen were pretty quiet on the way home so we thought maybe an early night but boy were we wrong. As soon as we landed the craic began and we made friends with the best EVER Tavel lodge receptionist who’s name we have forgotten. After the 10th noise complaint we called it a night and last thing I remember was shying away from the 2 bottles of Stella I had strategically placed in my room but looking at the full bottles now I think I made the right choice.

We’re off now to Manchester to play Sound Control at 6pm with special guests Ann and Cyril my uncle and auntie who are old enough to be my grand parents but young enough to teach us all how to enjoy life. My cousins Des and Derm will be there too so it will hopefully be a special gig.

We’re really happy with our performances so far and can’t wait to play the Kerrang Awards show in London tomorrow cause it’s such an amazing privilege. Who’d have tunk it?

Gerry x