Waking up with a Devastating hangover in a strange place is never a great buzz. Thankfully our friend Mollie had the kettle on the boil for some very pungeant coffees to get our heads straight again. After saying our goodbyes and promising we would be back soon to actually play this time we were on the road again, not before stopping by the live lounge in the off chance that Ian’s wallet would be there. It was and it even had all it’s contents! Epic win.

So Bristol then? The van obviously was more hungover than myself, Ian and Troy combined as we limped at 45mph the whole way to Bristol with black smoke flying out of the exhaust and a few very confused drivers waving through their windows at us. Since Gerry had not partaken in our festivities on the previous night, he was up early and had rang about 20 million places looking for the mysterious ECR valve that would fix all of our vans problems. He found a place called Eco vans that had the part somewhere in the outskirts of Bristol. When we arrived to the very dodgy looking industrial estate we started feeling a bit edgy and for good reason because it turns out that Eco Vans was run by some very scary polish pikeys (for want of a better word) that had been using razor blades for darts on their dart board and didn’t speak a word of English…. Great! Gerry was the only one brave enough to head into the compound and after several minutes of ignoring him and grunting they finally found the part but it turns out it was for an older engine than what Dirty frank had under his bonnet. Fail.

Driving away slightly disheartened we made our way to the venue which was called The Fleece. Turns out loads of awesome bands have played here before such as Radiohead in ’93, Snow patrol in ’01, Muse, Biffy, Jeff Buckley, The Jam and pretty much anyone else class that you can think of! The venue itself was pure lethal as well! We met up with our good friends The Good Fight who were also playing that night with us, but not before we got a quick bite to eat. We seen a sign that said

“Sick of eating the same old stuff? Try a Magic Roll!”

So obviously anything with magic in the title has to be good right? Although they were so magic that we couldn’t find the place so had to settle for old faithful… Fried chicken and some chips!

We hung out upstairs in the venue and ian was rubbing the walls freaking out that Jeff and Thom had been and played here in the past. The promotor, who was a legend of a man, turned up with some beer two whoppin’ square pizzas, which we still have as cold pizza makes for an awesome breakfast. Troy ate so much that he nearly spewed before we went onstage. We played a great set which was recorded by a “sound” man. After chatting to a few very nice people we were off to Tom and Gerry’s cousin Amy’s flat for the evening. Before bed we were taken to see a massive suspension bridge that was highly impressive and built in 1850 over a ravine, how did they do it?! On the way back we walked past the most stereotypical english park bench with a lamp post beside it… pure postcard material and we seen a fox that had no fear of people at all, we called him Spendlove. The night was ended with tea and crumpets which none of us had ever had before because they just don’t have them in Ireland. They were amazing!

Dave x

Billboard in Bristol promoting US!