We woke up at 7.30 in the am at Amy’s house, few quick showers as god knows when we’ll see one again and we were off on the hunt for the magical EGR valve that would fix our van. We tracked the part down in Somerset just outside of Bristol so made our way there but no one had informed us that it was the hilliest jaunt ever, poor old Dirty Frank could barely go past 15mph and was spewing out black smoke all over everything, other drivers kept waving in at us to let us know of our problem…. Fortunately we already knew about it as the van was full of smoke on the inside, cheers though lads! Nice one!

We eventually found United Vans and got the part in a place which can only be described as a scrap yard atop of a mountain with mad sculptures of aunts and people made out of second hand parts from old cars and vans. We were directed down the road to AKE motors so we could get the van part fitted. After about 15 minutes the part was fitted and it worked great! YES! About 30 seconds after that the engine started rattling and pretty much imploded upon itself and Dirty Frank (just like  the original Frank from 28 days later who also got wailed) passed on into Van heaven .

Stuck in the middle of Somerset with a gig in the evening in London we had to get the old scales out and weigh up our options… we got chatting to the mechanics, and found out that the garage used to actually be an old WWI ammunition base and when the enemy flew over the top the roof had trapped water and looked like a lake so they couldn’t spot the bunker. Rumour has it that it also held the crown jewels for one night! Mechanics will spin the yarn about the maddest facts/fictions…

Thankfully because of our newfound friends we tracked down a second hand van that we could buy at trade price. Win! So the four of us pretty much emptied our piggy banks and purchased said van. With 2 hours to spare Gerry blazed it to London and we arrived to the Dublin Castle with 10 minutes to spare. We set up, did what we came to do and finally got some enjoyment out of the day, the lovely Good Fight were on after us so that was also a nice treat. After a spot of socializing with our press guys Martin and John who are kind enough to come to our London shows we went straight to Auntie Mary’s for some tea and supper followed very quickly by bed! What a day… Night Night.