We’ll be making a special announcement from the stage at this Thurs Limelight2 gig and we want you guys to help us get the word all over facebook and twitter. What better way than to tempt you with free shizz? SO if you’re coming to this Thurs show have your phones at the ready to take part in our LIVE competition which could see you walk home with the prize in your hand…… intriguing eh? Let me explain…

Simply, whenever we make the announcement (hint:It’ll be just before our last song), you announce it to the world on your FB or twitter pages and don’t forget to tag us. You’ll have until the end of the show, around FIVE MINUTES, to take part. It’s NOT first come first serve as winners will be picked at random as soon as we finish and we’ll notify the winner very soon after so we can meet you at the merch desk and give you your prize along with a big kiss and a hug. There will be 2 prizes, 1 for our FB winner and 1 for our tweeter and they’re awesome so it’s worth entering 🙂

Best of luck


Oh also if ya wana write APRmy on your arm with a sharpie at the gig that’s cool with us;)