Yo #APRmy,

We’ve played pretty much every type of venue you can play over the years from absolute dives to restaurants to toilets to Ulster Hall (that’s all in the past 12 months) but I never thought we’d be performing on the biggest arena of all, the o2 in London….with none other than, eh, Snow Patrol. Yikes!

Coming back to Belfast after Christmas we had very modest plans to keep writing, playing, recording and hopefully book a pretty big UK tour to coincide with the release of our album ‘Camera.Shutter.Life’ in Sept/Oct. One quick phone call from our manager later and we’re in our practice room preparing for 2 massive arena gigs with the Patrol. Now I gotta admit I’m a fuckin massive Snow Patrol fan! Final Straw is an absolute masterpiece and it sucked me in to a world of very, very clever and passionate song writing. After being obsessed with FS I worked my way back through previous released albums and now place ‘An Olive Grove Facing The Sea’ as one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I’ve seen them live a few times and loved every show. When I lived in Edinburgh they were playing a small stadium near where I worked so after my shift I dandered down, bought a ticket from a tout and watched the whole show on me tod in row Z. When I moved to Belfast I bumped in to (ran over to him like a little fan boy) Gary Lightbody and told him I love his band and that Olive Grove my favourite song (I can’t help it and I don’t care, seize the day people). I know every song and melt when I hear his voice singing them. The 1st gig I ever played I sang Run and even mixed it into one of my own songs when I played it live to get everyone singing along. Anyway I think you get my point. Playing with them was a dream come true and a time I’ll never forget. They say you should never meet your heroes but sometimes that couldn’t be further from the truth, Gary is an absolute gentleman and I love him more now than I did before we met. The whole band are just the nicest bunch of guys, they came out to see us sound check ffs. So I’d like so say a big huge THANK YOU to everyone at team Snow Patrol for inviting us into their world, an experience that will stay for us forever and inspire us to fill the o2 on our own someday (no way actually it’s too big fuckin scary as hell).

So yeah 2012 hasn’t been too bad to us but we feckin deserve it and I don’t think anyone can deny that. Last night our song ‘Kids Don’t Behave Like This’ was in Hollyoaks which was a pleasant surprise. We have an incredible video now on youtube for our single ‘Build From The Ground Up’ which is released Mar 16th and already gaining a lot of airplay. The single will NOT be available for download but as a physical CD accompanied by 5 Exclusive tracks, we’re calling it the ‘Build From The Ground Up’ EP (early birds can be bought Monday Mar 12th for just £3.wink) We’re playing the QMU in Glasgow (kinda like Mandela Hall) on Paddy’s Day and Camden Barfly Mar 21st, 2 fantastic venues in the biggest cities in the UK. We’re writing the best songs we’ve ever written and spirits are very high. For the 1st time we’re excited about the future even though we’ve absolutely no idea what’s ahead of us. Finally, after years and years, we’re starting to feel like a real band. 


Gerry x

#APRmy (til I die)