Hey guys,


Hope you all had a lovely xmas at home with your families, friends, pets and old school pals you now hate cuz they’re proper successful and have gone from mingin to hot instead of the other way round as you so hoped 5 years ago. I believe all members of the group got a little bit fatter and uglier so we’ve been hittin the broccoli and tread mills in order to be pure sexy for our upcoming photo shoots.


So what’s new in the APR camp? WELL we love twitter now anyways and have started a little hash tag for anything APR related that you’d like to discuss whether it be how sexy we look in our next photo shoot, our live shows, our merch, our upcoming album ANYTHING at all just add #APRmy to the comment. Our twitter name is @aplasticrose and we’ve also joined Instigram recently and have been uploading a photo a day for the past while, it’s worth checking out.


Mid March is the planned release date of the 1st single from our debut album through our label Di Di Mau and Third Bar which is uber exciting for us, especially after we spent 2 days in a snowy forest and on a roof top to film the video (it was beyond cold). The song is the album opener ‘Build From The Ground Up’ and will only be available to buy as a very limited CD packaged in a unique style by our good selves with the help of some arty mates design skills. The single will not be available to download as an mp3, the only way you can hear the track will be via our website http://www.aplasticrose.co.uk so please help us spread the news on your facebook and twitter pages when we release the final details.

Thanks again to all our followers (eh, the APRmy that is if you haven’t already got that) and we look forward to seeing you on the road, releasing our album and chatting to you on facebook over the coming months. Now get back to work!