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Guys a few months ago due to reasons out of our control our YouTube Channel imploded and we literally lost everything

Because of this we need you lovely people to click the link below, subscribe to our channel and give our vids the thumbs up!

We’ll be uploading all sorts of APR themed madness, from rehearsals/tours/gigs/nights out. Basically whatever we think will get a chuckle from you guys.

P.S. I just added a playlist that features loads of random live vids and other stuff that we’ve done over the past while.

APRmy ❤

As part of Belfast Music Week Gerry and Ian will perform a rare acoustic set in Belfast’s HMV at lunchtime Nov 5th. It’s part of our on going promotion of debut album Camera.Shutter.Life and hopefully it’ll get the word out a little more about the Limelight2 show the following Thurs.

We’ll be available to sign copies of CSL and if you like you can make us tea and biscuits. Ginger Nuts are the best.

See ya then.



Because of the timing of our month long UK tour and Belfast Music Week, a Belfast launch night occurring at the time of the albums release just didn’t work out. FEAR NOT as this may be even better for everyone….

It may not be an official CSL launch but we’re inviting everyone of our fans, friends and family to the Belfast Music Week show in Limelight2 Nov 8th to celebrate its release along with many of our friends bands. It actually works out way better cuz its FREE and you get to see the best bands in NI the same night.

All you have to do is email for your tickets (tell them we sent ya and you’re in the APRmy for extra sugar) but do it quick as there’s a limited number available and with that line-up its bound to sell out.

Here’s the mega line-up:
A Plastic Rose
Wonder Villains
Pretty Child Backfire
More Than Conquerors
Rams Pocket Radio
David C Clements
Tom McShane
Katherine Phillipa
Ryan Vail

As you can see it’s gonna be an amazing night so we’re gonna bring a shed load of albums with us and party like its 2012.

See ya there guys



Played The Tunnels in Aberdeen which is indeed in a tunnel running underneath the main Main Street in the city. Share the bill with those young pups 1930’s who ATL would be very familiar with. 1st time in Aberdeen and I must say their Whetherspoons is a beaut. We rate Whetherspoons in ever city and this has be at least a 7 spoons out of 10. There was a disastrous break down but this time it wasn’t us it was the guys we’re touring with We Came From Wolves and we actually came to the rescues by ‘dukes of hazarding’ it to the outskirts of the city to bring them and their gear to the venue a good 30mins late for sound check. (They ended up getting a taxi back to Perth costing £300 ouchie).

Onward to Glasgow on a crisp Thurs afternoon. Drove through Stirling where there are small castles in the distance 100,000 years older than America, sparking off imaginative stories in the van of knights being chucked off the edge and heads being hacked off back in the day. This is one of the joys of touring, seeing shizz you probably wouldn’t if you we’re stuck in an office all year round.

We made of King Tuts debut and what an honour to play a venue which has hosted every amazing band to come out of the UK. We were supporting The Birthday Suit featuring Rod Jones from Idlewild and we got stuck into a great conversation with him back stage where he was telling us about crazy Idlewild fans from Japan following him around the world wanting to marry him. Literally. He was as little scared, you could see it in his eyes. We played our best show so far (probably due to the fact we got a sound check and a nice kit…WCFW have been to late for every show so far for us to get a sound check but we’ll whip that our of them) and we’re off loading the album at a steady pace. Lets hope there’s a few left for our next Belfast show.

Little hungover today but that’s the 1st one on the tour so far and we’ve been away a week so that’s not bad. Usually at this stage we’re all pretty dead so we must be learning.

Edinburgh tonight in Henry’s Cellar located under a bar dedicated to Big Lebowski (it’s got 50 different White Russians) followed by a 5 hour night time drive to break out of Scotland and being the English leg. Ill keep ya posted.

Gerry x




So today we launched our second single from our debut album Camera.Shutter.Life. We’ve been waiting with great patience since we recorded the album last October to share this one with you guys!

It’s only available to buy as a CD at our online store

The CD includes Boy Racer single and album versions, the instrumental version and two lovely acoustic tracks that shows our softer more intimate side.

All of that for a measly £3 are ya joking?! We’ll even sign it for you because we’re sound like that.

The video for Boy Racer filmed by the awesome Samuel Steel of

Buy now and we’ll love ya forever. Enjoy!!

Dave xx


It’s 10am on a dry and quiet Monday morning and I’m a little hungover and lying beside Wonder drummer Kieran who I am glad to say doesn’t snore or dream fondle. Our tour manager Joe is on the single bed across from me. Incredibly (and for the 1st time) he’s not snoring like an ogre. My sore head is a result of us all letting loose a little in Nottingham after both bands played to a near packed out Rescue Rooms at the Dot To Dot Festival. Amazing venue equipped with balcony, huge screen and an adoring audience up for introducing a new band into their lives. We’ve played Notts 3 times previously in smaller venues (thank you Marty Toner) but my God yesturday blew our brains out. Everyone doing the ‘fisting dance'(dont google it you’ll find something else) was an obvious highlight.

We took advantage of the early start to drink and check out a couple of bands like Pure Love and Dog Is Dead (saw them 2 months ago with Elspeth in front of 25 ppl in Belfast and yest 1500. Yeowza) while catching a glimpse of a rainy city full of smiling faces. Nottingham is much more beautiful than I had previously given it credit for but in my defence we usually just stay for 5mins so it was the 1st time I got a good look. Lovely I say.

Joe our TM realised our journey to the next travel lodge was actually 2 hrs instead of 30mins which we previously thought so an early FIFA competition in the tour bus ensued and won by Kieran Coyle (you dark horse).

Eimear, Ryan and Cheyleen were pretty quiet on the way home so we thought maybe an early night but boy were we wrong. As soon as we landed the craic began and we made friends with the best EVER Tavel lodge receptionist who’s name we have forgotten. After the 10th noise complaint we called it a night and last thing I remember was shying away from the 2 bottles of Stella I had strategically placed in my room but looking at the full bottles now I think I made the right choice.

We’re off now to Manchester to play Sound Control at 6pm with special guests Ann and Cyril my uncle and auntie who are old enough to be my grand parents but young enough to teach us all how to enjoy life. My cousins Des and Derm will be there too so it will hopefully be a special gig.

We’re really happy with our performances so far and can’t wait to play the Kerrang Awards show in London tomorrow cause it’s such an amazing privilege. Who’d have tunk it?

Gerry x

Yo guys our next single Boy Racer is out June 18th and we’re going old school by asking the #APRmy to get your hands dirty by requesting it on radio. Simply if ya like the single then go for it. Make some noise. Shove it in their faces. Give them no choice Mwhahahahahhaha. Here’s a list of all the DJ’s on BBC who may possibly play it. Their email, text no. and twitter name to make it as easy for ya as we can. Let know when you have so we can thank you personally we’re @aplasticrose on twitter. Love you x

BBC Radio 1

SMS 81199


SMS 81199


SMS 81199


SMS 81199




SMS 81199


BBC Radio 6 Music

Lauren Lavern


Steve Lamacq


Radcliffe & Maconie


Gideon Coe


I love it when bands do this so here ya go tis fairy handy. More to come:

Indian Sheets

Standard Tuning


6/8 Timing

Verse + Pre chorus

Am Am F F C C C C/B

Wrap you up in these Indian sheets

I’ve seen ya like this before and I like it

And it’s everything that this silence beats

I’ve seen ya sexy before and I like it

Come home tonight

Forget about time

Wrap you up so you’re never afraid

I’ve seen you like this before your eyes opened

You can’t even bring yourself to talk

Bubbles unlocking the truth and I like it

You’re mine tonight

Turn down the light

Hold the F



And it’s just what you do to me in those Indian sheets

Taking whatever you want such a part of me

Nothing else matters right now it’s an art to be free

Pulling me down on the ground as you stare into me


Stare into me


Am Am F F C C C C/B

You wanted to be on top

If you wana be free don’t stop

Wrap you up in these Indian sheets

I’ve seen ya like this before and I like it

We are delighted to announce that the music video from our forthcoming album Camera.Shutter.Life. Will debut tomorrow morning on

Thanks to the guys at Art Rocker for featuring the video and of course Samuel Steel at [Missing] Piece film for the awesome work done on the video. We hope you enjoy it.

APR xx

Now that the dust has well and truly settled from our shows with the mighty Snow Patrol things have returned to normal…

We thought we would share bits and pieces of our journey to London with you guys and the new friends that we made whilst over in England.

The night before The 02 Arena show in London we were off to Chelmsford to play at the amazing Club Fusion.  The man in charge of Club Fusion, Shakey was very kind to us and gave us one of our first London shows back a few years ago, so it was an absolute pleasure to come back and do another gig with him. The other bands and the folk from Chelmsford were all lovely and we’ll definitely be back soon!

Knackered after a full days travel from Sunny Belfast to Sub Zero London we headed back to our London HQ for much needed sleep.

On Saturday morning we decided to split up for a few hours and breathe as much of London in as possible while we were there. The Whacky Races around the tube staitons of London began. Here’s some of the spots we got to…

The starting line

Posing as Olympians at the Olympic coundown Trafalgar Sq.

That Fella’ Sherlock Holmes’ Gaff

That other fella’ Big Ben donging away at midday

After getting as much London as possible into us we pulled up at this bad boy…….

The O2 Arena inside the dome can hold more people than the population some of our hometowns….. No worries.

There was enough room in our dressing room to swing a clowder of cats, nevermind one!

After a rocking set we left it to the big boys to get the crowd going. This is the crowd about 15 minutes after Snow Patrol began. The atmosphere was un-fricking-believable. It only began to hit us at this moment the scale of the venue that we’d just knocked our wee songs out into.

Gerry’s dad got a special T-shirt made just for the occasion. Legend! Massive thanks to the Normans for making it the whole way to London to support us. We could hear you above everyone else in the crowd whilst we were on and that made us feel like we were still at home!

Finally we would like to give a massive thanks to the Snow Patrol lads for including us on their epic tour. It was an amazing opportunity for us and we will remember it for the rest of our lives. Also thank you to everyone that gave us a chance on foreign soil and we hope to be beckoning the doorstep of a venue in the UK near you soon!

Dave and the rest of the ladies at APR xx

A Plastic Rose are purveyors of mid nineties post-hardcore tinged ‘Catchy Alternative Rock‘®, rooted firmly in late naughties peacetime Belfast, where they have been cutting their teeth on the northern front since August 2006

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