A PLASTIC ROSE – ‘Camera. Shutter. Life’
Belfast based rock outfit APR are seemingly not shy of rolling their sleeves up, loading up the van and heading out to just about any and every indie festival there is. Raising emotionally charged rock hell across the UK over the last two years has clearly helped to cultivate a swelling fanbase and although the originality count is pretty low, the execution is energetic, foreceful and full of heart. Immersed in enough rock grit to appeal to mainstream and underground fans alike, tracks such as ‘Foreign Soil’ and ‘Boy Racer’ offer a tight, melodic raw edge that could easily rear its head on any offering from Biffy Clyro or even Hot Water Music. No one can deny there are influences on show here but this is a mature collection of songs, all imbued with the groups firm acknowledegment of a rich Irish heritage. No more so than on the acoustic strum of ‘Fading Pictures’, ‘…And The Sea’ and ‘Indian Sheets’; each underpinning a new lease of life and confidence that’s easily heard throughout CSL. Winning the praise of Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody and playing to arenas for the first time will do them no harm at all and if their celebrity fans were to deliver an album of such enigmatic romance, it would be an optimistic stroll through a rediscovered world. Great promise indeed. (7)