Tomorrow sees the release of our long awaited debut album Camera.Shutter.Life so before that happens we just wana say THANK YOU to everyone who has stuck by us over the years. It’s been a long time coming but we feel it’ll be worth the wait. The reviews so far have blown us away but fuck that it’s ALL about what you guys and us feel. We love it and think you will too. You can download it from all the usual places iTunes, amazon etc. Physical release is pushed back to Oct 29th so you should see it on shelves then. Request it in your local music shop and it shall arrive. Here’s the track listing to get ya in the mood

Build From The Ground Up
All You Know And Love Will Die
…And The Sea
Kids Don’t Behave Like This
Indian Sheets
When The Morning Comes
Foreign Soil
Boy Racer
Fading Pictures
Sun’s A Shadow

Please spread the word for us in every way you can. Our next show is Belfast’s Limelight2 Nov 8th which is FREE cuz it’s a big showcase with a bumper line-up including LaFaro, More Than Conquerors, Wonder Villains, Rams Pocket Radio and loads more.

Then it’s back to London Nov 15th for a showcase show in Camden’s Pride Gallery. Busy busy.