Saw my 2nd Banksy’s in Bristol, the one at the side of the Thekla. It’s class. I’m a massive street art/graffiti art fan as my girlfriend is one and I know a lot of very talented streets artists. Banksy is either loved or hated in the art world but I’m a lover so it was cool to see one I hadn’t yet seen.

Bristol is an absolutely beautiful city. It almost belongs in France. The Louisiana is like an old house they turned into a venue with everything you need to host a great club night. Pretty much everyone has played so it was an honour to join the list. Dad took us for a pint of Guinness after the show and we talked about the news. Good times. He’s gone back home now for a weeks sleep.

New Slang is a famous club night in London run by the legendary Banquet Records in McCluskey’s, Kingston so we threw ourselves in that direction. While we waited for our clothes to dry (laundry day) we walked by Banquet Records shop and our poster was in the window. It was a pinch yourself kind of moment and one I’ll always remember. The room we played in was packed and we got everyone to stamp their feet like lunatics so everyone was delighted. The APRmy is frowning with every show.

Today we drove 6 hours to a town called Truro in Cornwall where we play Bunters club. On route we drove right past Stonehenge which was fuckin awesome. Proper Spinal Tap tour moment. I’m now backstage in Bunters waiting to watch England beat San Marino since they’re not playing the Irish match. Ah we’ll it’ll pass some time.

Oh our album was described as ‘something of a masterpiece’ in a review today and Rock Sounds review said we have a very exciting future comparing us to early Biffy.


See ya in The Borderline, London tomorrow.

Gerry x