Since my last blog we’ve played a lethal show in the amazing Rock City in Nottingham, got smashed in Derby, played to a full room of Paul McCartney loving music students in Liverpool and got lost in Leeds. All the shows are going really well, we’re getting great reviews and even got our 1st album review in Rock Sound today which was very positive so happy days. Also our Belfast Music Weeks showcase gig was announce today for Nov 8th where we’ll be headlining Limelight2 sharing the stage with legends LaFaro, soon to be massive Wonder Villains and 10 hooks per second Pretty Child Backfire. Amazing line up throughout the whole complex and tickets are free so email before they’re all snapped up.

Oh oh I’ve a story. 2 nights ago Rob from WCFW ate a bite of a sandwich which turned out to have traces of nuts which he’s allergic to. He was driving at the time but instead of asking the lads to drive he stepped on it to the hospital while his face and body were swelling up like a balloon. After the doctor shot him with the good stuff they said his throat my have swelled too much if he left it any later. We love you Rob and are very happy indeed that you aren’t pure dead. Did he rest like the doctor said? Fuck that he played the Leeds show and it was their best show yet. Strangely we all bought a Snickers after dinner yesturday, it was class.

On route to Bristol now to play The Louisiana which apparently smells like chips. Suits me just fine