Making their return to Nottingham, A Plastic Rose take to the stage of the infamous Rock City. The show is part of a regular Saturday club night, meaning it’s late doors for the usual gig-goer and early doors for the average clubber. As a result, the crowd was always going to be on the unpredictable side.

When the band launch into single Build From The Ground Up, there’s slim pickings in Rock City’s basement. But with such a huge, spiralling sound reverberating from the room, it wasn’t long before eager ears came hunting for the source. Dishing out soaring melodies like they’re going out of fashion, the Irish alt-rockers storm through a set fit for stages much larger than this one. The good news is, APR can command a crowd both large and small, turning on the charm with between-song banter and delivering a solid set filled with a mix of old and new material. Boy Racer is a slab of fierce pop-rock, whilst Oceans is overwhelmingly epic, the towering chorus enough to envelope the growing crowd in its undying intensity, and The Metal Man broods in a clash of low-riffs and smashing cymbals.

Frontmen Gerry Norman and Ian McHugh both feed off each other as they spin their web of melodic guitar lines and emotive vocals, bringing material from the upcoming record to life. To their left, bassist Troy Heaton is a blur as he works his four-strings whilst simultaneously breaking every bassist stereotype going. It all points to a band who, even after six years, are really passionate about what they do.

Before long, the band have captured a great audience and APR have them eating out of their hands. This stuff was made for hand claps and collective “whoa-oahs”, and tonight, that’s what the band get. Rounding the set of with the unplanned Colour Blue follwed by Kids Don’t Behave Like This, the band finish on an absolute high. Epic.