Driving by night for 5 hours til 3am can send a band crazy. While we were discussing what unpractical item we’d by for £20,000(or less) I thought I saw a fake horse grazing on grass at the side of the road somewhere in Yorkshire. 1 mile down the road and I swear to God I saw another one and was completely freaked out. The lads thought I was going mad until a little further down we all saw a feckin horse on the road and screamed like little girls. For some reason we started to try and freak each other out by saying the diversion we were following was actually a set up by a Yorkshire murderer leading us to a death trap. Luckily we got to our mates house and I think I’ll knock the red bull on the head.

When we got inside our ‘what unpractical item would you spend £20,000 on’ convo continued. I choose to build a driving range in my garden with 20,000 balls and a 8.5 degree big berta driver. Ian would buy a mobile bar with Guinness on draught so he could party anywhere at any time. Dave would build an anti gravity camber and Troy would buy a jet pack. Dave warned ‘if you farted in that thing you’d be blown up’. Good point and it’ll be brought up at the agm. Troys gonna call to the range for swampies for an hour too which will be pretty sweet. Chic from We Came From Wolves who is now travelling with us choose a NASA ready meal.

Off to Nottingham.

Gerry x