Played The Tunnels in Aberdeen which is indeed in a tunnel running underneath the main Main Street in the city. Share the bill with those young pups 1930’s who ATL would be very familiar with. 1st time in Aberdeen and I must say their Whetherspoons is a beaut. We rate Whetherspoons in ever city and this has be at least a 7 spoons out of 10. There was a disastrous break down but this time it wasn’t us it was the guys we’re touring with We Came From Wolves and we actually came to the rescues by ‘dukes of hazarding’ it to the outskirts of the city to bring them and their gear to the venue a good 30mins late for sound check. (They ended up getting a taxi back to Perth costing £300 ouchie).

Onward to Glasgow on a crisp Thurs afternoon. Drove through Stirling where there are small castles in the distance 100,000 years older than America, sparking off imaginative stories in the van of knights being chucked off the edge and heads being hacked off back in the day. This is one of the joys of touring, seeing shizz you probably wouldn’t if you we’re stuck in an office all year round.

We made of King Tuts debut and what an honour to play a venue which has hosted every amazing band to come out of the UK. We were supporting The Birthday Suit featuring Rod Jones from Idlewild and we got stuck into a great conversation with him back stage where he was telling us about crazy Idlewild fans from Japan following him around the world wanting to marry him. Literally. He was as little scared, you could see it in his eyes. We played our best show so far (probably due to the fact we got a sound check and a nice kit…WCFW have been to late for every show so far for us to get a sound check but we’ll whip that our of them) and we’re off loading the album at a steady pace. Lets hope there’s a few left for our next Belfast show.

Little hungover today but that’s the 1st one on the tour so far and we’ve been away a week so that’s not bad. Usually at this stage we’re all pretty dead so we must be learning.

Edinburgh tonight in Henry’s Cellar located under a bar dedicated to Big Lebowski (it’s got 50 different White Russians) followed by a 5 hour night time drive to break out of Scotland and being the English leg. Ill keep ya posted.

Gerry x