UP and coming Irish rock band A Plastic Rose performed an outstanding set of clamouring metal and emotive lyricism.

The quartet have already established themselves with a host of celebrity fans including Edith Bowman and Snow Patrol, who they toured with at the beginning of this year, as well receiving a number of rave reviews for their debut mini-album, The Promise Notes.

Likened to artists such as Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic, the boys’ humble, home-grown music captivated the small gathering at the intimate venue.

Their set list fluctuated between the rowdy, fast-paced rock hits such as acclaimed single Boy Racer, and the mellower (rock) ballads like When The Morning Comes, showing the band’s musical versatility and wide-ranging talent.

The boys performed a mixture of their older music, like the majestic Oceans written back in 1994, as well as songs off their newly released debut album, Camera.Shutter.Life.

Their latest single, Foreign Soil, is a head-banging metal thrasher, with storming vocals and plenty of guitar riffs.

The Irish-lilted vocals of front man Gerry Norman, displayed ferocious power and intensity and were backed up well by guitarist Ian McHugh.

Despite a disappointing turn out, the group performed on stage with a raucous enthusiasm and stage presence that allowed their personalities to shine through.

The boys have already garnered a host of followers, their APRmy, and with the publicity acquired from the release of their debut album, it won’t be long before the band starts drawing in bigger crowds.

A solid, enthusiastic performance by an Irish rock band full of talent and potential, although a larger audience would have strengthened the atmosphere of this small-scale gig.