After a massive breakfast in Richards I made my way to a wonderful place called Scotland to pick the lads up from Cairnryan and reunite the roses. 5 hours driving isn’t really bothering me any more so I’m in full tour mode already which is awesome. Stink n’all. We were excited to be in Dumfries. Never been there before and couldn’t wait to get the 1st gig under our belts. I don’t know what it is about us but we attract the crazies and after being there 5 mins we were chased up a side street by an alco looking to beat the shit out of me cuz we had no fags. We got away…

Anyway We Came From Wolves arrived with 500 copies of Camera.Shutter.Life so all is good. The album looks amazing and we’re all delighted. The artwork and lay out is fuckin awesome and we can wait til you all grab a copy. We sold our 1st few tonight already which is pretty cool.

Apart from a dodgy Tom drum the gig went well and we had a laugh with WCFW who are fuckin legends. Couple of awky mo mo’s but other than that pissed ourselves laughing a lot. Check them out they’re kless.

Off to Newcastle tomorrow to chill with our mate Adam and hint down Alan Shearer before we get busy again. Talk then.

Gerry x