We’ve toured a lot over the years and as our loyal followers know we always have a disaster. Ibwas convinced this time was going to be different though as I’ve been planning and organising for weeks and weeks. I can tell you where we’re gonna be at any time over the next month and what we’re gonna eat(seriously). The most important thing though about touring in my experience is to expect the unexpected and cope with it as best you can. When the van rental company in Belfast fucked us over on Thurs morning we were left with no way to go on tour the day before we were supposed to leave. 5 hours later I found myself on a flight to London so I could grab a tour van Fri morning and drive all the way to Scotland to meet the lads. It was the only option we had and it left us with no choice but to pull out of our Dunfermline show but at least now we’ve a van and the tour can continue. Go Team APR.

Thanks to Aunty Mary and Richard for letting me stay with them last minute and for our management Davy Matchett and Rory McConnell for being legends and going far and beyond the call of duty to make sure we got on the road.

I managed to have a little fun though as after driving 8 hours today I ‘relaxed’ by going Go Karting for an hour with Richard and his mates, man I love to drive (not). I got the fastest time on the track today so I rule but I also crashed out out 4 times and got a warning got getting out of the cart during the race . I’m now watching American Pie in Richards house after having an Indian and TWO cups of Yorkshire tea and I’m ready to sleep and begin driving again in the morning to pick up the lads from the ferry and we can begin for reals.

Touring is an adventure from start to finish and I suppose this beats getting pulled over by Cumbrian Police and held under the fire arms act…..