Now that the dust has well and truly settled from our shows with the mighty Snow Patrol things have returned to normal…

We thought we would share bits and pieces of our journey to London with you guys and the new friends that we made whilst over in England.

The night before The 02 Arena show in London we were off to Chelmsford to play at the amazing Club Fusion.  The man in charge of Club Fusion, Shakey was very kind to us and gave us one of our first London shows back a few years ago, so it was an absolute pleasure to come back and do another gig with him. The other bands and the folk from Chelmsford were all lovely and we’ll definitely be back soon!

Knackered after a full days travel from Sunny Belfast to Sub Zero London we headed back to our London HQ for much needed sleep.

On Saturday morning we decided to split up for a few hours and breathe as much of London in as possible while we were there. The Whacky Races around the tube staitons of London began. Here’s some of the spots we got to…

The starting line

Posing as Olympians at the Olympic coundown Trafalgar Sq.

That Fella’ Sherlock Holmes’ Gaff

That other fella’ Big Ben donging away at midday

After getting as much London as possible into us we pulled up at this bad boy…….

The O2 Arena inside the dome can hold more people than the population some of our hometowns….. No worries.

There was enough room in our dressing room to swing a clowder of cats, nevermind one!

After a rocking set we left it to the big boys to get the crowd going. This is the crowd about 15 minutes after Snow Patrol began. The atmosphere was un-fricking-believable. It only began to hit us at this moment the scale of the venue that we’d just knocked our wee songs out into.

Gerry’s dad got a special T-shirt made just for the occasion. Legend! Massive thanks to the Normans for making it the whole way to London to support us. We could hear you above everyone else in the crowd whilst we were on and that made us feel like we were still at home!

Finally we would like to give a massive thanks to the Snow Patrol lads for including us on their epic tour. It was an amazing opportunity for us and we will remember it for the rest of our lives. Also thank you to everyone that gave us a chance on foreign soil and we hope to be beckoning the doorstep of a venue in the UK near you soon!

Dave and the rest of the ladies at APR xx