ALL YOU need to KNOW AND merch to BUY!!

They’re FREE!

Whenever you purchase a t-shirt(£10) or copy of The Promise Notes (£10 and there’s only a handful left) you get a copy of ‘Live At Midnight’ FREE. That’s the best way but you can also purchase it for £5. Option 1 is best for you as you get TPN or a tee really, really cheap.

Since we obvioulsy can’t give you the CD til the end of the night we’re working a ‘pe-order’ system were we simply take your name and dosh to guarantee your copy. They are very limited and won’t be printed again so if you really want one then definitely do this. The CD’s duplicate fairly fast so we’re hoping to get them all done by around 1:30am all going well, if not, then definitely before the club ends.

This is one of the most exciting ventures we’ve undertaken so I really hope you can come and support us by appearing in our album 🙂