After an amazing sleep, we all had to get up and be checked out of the hotel by 12. We said goodbye to the hot showers and off we went. Troy went to leave his mum off to the train station whilst we all went back to collect the van from the hotel car park. The van was so tightly packed in that we realised we couldn’t get out the exit. The height restrictions said no chance mate! So we had to ring the customer services for the car park to come to our help and hopefully let us out the way we came in. Lucklily they got us out, so we went for a walk around Leeds markets. Cups of tea, hats and scarves were all purchased for a few gold nuggets. As we were walking around, we tried to put on our best yorkshire accents but sounded like a poor version of fred elliott from coronation street. Eventually Troy comes dandering back to the van with a new sleeping bag and a winter coat as he was freezing for half the tour. On to Harrogate, we had played here before with a called D’Nile, a band we had met during the Leeds and Reading festivals. Got to the venue, The Blues Bar, its like Charlies Coffee Shop except its a bar. Found out that another parcel was waiting for us at the venue, this time it was new badges and lighters. Mint! Then we found out that there was no support band and we were to play a 2 1/2 hour set…could we do it?….

Anyway, off to park the van at a hotel nearby as the venue also owned the hotel and we needed somewhere to park up for freesies. Oh No, another dilemma, our van was the size of the entrance to the car park and quite a bit of manoeuvring was needed to get in. We all jumped out and directed Gerry in, constant communication and trying to shout instructions over a vans engine but eventually we got in. As it was baltic outside, Wetherspoons was the place to go. Cheap lunch, 20 cups of tea, internets and most importantly…heat! Sat there for a few hours sorting twitter accounts and browsing reddit till it was time to load in. Then we realised we have to get this van back out! Ian went on to the venue whilst we attempted mission impossible 2, this time in the dark. After more instruction shouting, blinding by headlights and Troy directing Gerry like and airport guy with his torch we were out. On to the venue and set up the backline and with our new merch on show, we were ready. Considering we had to play for 2+ hours, a woolly mammoth of a set list was written out (22 songs). Involved 2 sets with a small acoustic set inbetween. Team rhythm section left the stage to take videos of the lads acoustic solos and pints of g and walked back on during Indian Sheets for the end. An awesome night from an unholy cold day. Met up with Gerrys mate Richard who said he had a flat for us to stay in, after an hour or so driving up lanes we turned up in a wee park like home and had a flat to ourselves. Everyone in their sleeping bags, 4 pot noodles with peperami (our new tour food), 4 cups of tea and an episode of house. Perfick!