This tour diary reminds us of college, so in true student fashion, we’re taking a shortcut and summarise the last week.  We won’t just paste from wikipedia this time though!

On Wednesday after some more football stadia hunting we had a great gig at Bullet Bar in Kentish Town, thanks to Shakey who looked after us and bonded with Troy over their irrational love of Spurs.  Parking a van in London costs a fortune so we spent most of the day skirting the congestion zone, and headed up to Leeds after the gig to sleep and split the journey to Glasgow.

Bar Bloc in Glasgow was one of the best gigs of the tour, and had the added bonus of a boozy catch up with ‘What the Blood Revealed’s Gav at his house afterward.  The guys played one of the tightest sets we’ve seen them play, completely mesmerising their home crowd.

Gerry’s mates Jim and Frasier looked after us on a very rock and roll trip to Edinburgh which involved a trip to the Cinema for Harry Potter, Fargo and beers and a couple of wetherspoon visits before playing to a very healthy crowd for 3pm on a Saturday to open Sneaky Fest at the gorgeous Sneaky Pete’s, and ripping up the icy moterways to make the ferry at 8pm, where I now sit aching for a smoke and dying to get home.

Right, that’s worth at least a Desmond 2-2, i’m off to look for a job in Subway