I’m typing over some dirt cheap coffee in yet another Weatherspoon’s fine dining establishment, this time in Harrogate.  Bands take note – this place is a magical shortcut to staying below your food budget.  It’s Teusday afternoon and we’re burning some time waiting to load in to ‘The Blues Bar’.  Saturday started with a giant sausage and mash dinner for the bands at Marty the promoter’s place, before a typical speedy setup so we could get to a’ festival of light’, which was going on just around the corner from the venue, rendering Derby’s city centre slightly trippy, melting some buildings and a few heads.  Youtube ‘seeper’ to see what I mean.  After some staring and ‘oooOOOooo’ing it was back to the Big Blue to get stuck in to the tonic!

We had a great set and gave a thorough shaming to an unsuspecting heckler, who turned out to be a lovable belligerent idiot and friend of the ‘What The Blood Revealed’ guys (sorry ‘fuck off’, love you!).

We kept the neighbours on their toes for a while back at Marty’s, talking serious levels of absurd tripe and smoking ferocious amounts of rollies.  Dave ate a raw onion (fair play onion dave) and we all pretty much passed out.

Sunday was a welcome day off considering the scale of the hangovers on us, so we hit another fine bastion of corporate hegemony – ‘Gregg’s’ – for some tasty festive bakes and roasted a very funky looking chicken for dinner.  Our fantastic new designer Glen called round to pick our brains for a bit and we cried laughing at Russel Brand in ‘Get Him To The Greek’.

Yesterday, after a bit more van trouble (thank you beautiful AA) we made our way to Leeds early where we met Troy’s ma, Kathleen for his birthday dinner in the most English pub we’ve ever come across.  Happy Birthday Troyston we love you very, very, very, very much.  You twat!  We had some new t-shirts sent to the venue so I’m sure you’ll be spending all your christmas funds on those..eh?..EH?

We had our first hotel stay of the tour (courtesy of Kathleen again!)  so we missed most of the other bands sets spending the whole evening scrubbing ourselves. The gig was quiet but we met three lovely people, Colm ‘Shakey Hands’, Kate, and The Basque Lad (Patxi?) who even helped us carry the gear out god love them.

My coffee is cold and my typing fingers hurt now so I’m off.  I hope yer all looking after Belfast now.

Ian xx