I woke up this morning being dragged out of my sleeping bag across Mary’s living room floor, needless to say I was a bit confused… Gerry had already been up for an hour to put a parking pass on the van so we didn’t get a dreaded parking ticket on the van! After knocking back a few cups of tea and some toast with a refilled thermos flask we said our goodbyes to Auntie Mary and hit the road in our brandspanking new van, which for now is called Nostra-God-Damus as it’s an absolute beast and can drive properly!

Todays destination was Southhampton and it turns out that the venue which was called The Goblets was right across the road from the university and Mojo Fury had played next door on the previous night. Belfast must be nay craic at the minute as everyone seems to be over here on tour as well!

Apart from being the last place the Titanic seen land and the first place that the black death entered England, Southhampton was actually a pretty nice place, we agreed it’s very Coleraine. We found a few music shops which were shaped like guitar amps and a snare drum. It was the first drum only shop i’ve ever been in so now the boys know how I feel when I’m walking around a guitar shop…

After having dinner at curry night in our tour haunt Wetherspoons and realising that Troy has the power to communicate with the man upstairs… long story, we set off back for the Goblets and watched the support bands, Fruit Cellar, The Satelites and Our Lost Infinity. Maf. As we headlined tonight we played a few oldies and all the new songs which went down like a bottle of buckfast at a house party and we met a few new friends in the process! Our good friend Daniel Oaks came to the gig and he kindly let us sleep on his apartment floor. As always the night was ended by tea, biscuits and a severe bit of sleep!

It’s 6.50 in the am… super early times. Daniel had to go teach some kids a bit of Science (totally better than being stood hungover at the tills of Centra Malone Rd) so we filled our gigaflask back up with boiling water and hit the motorway for Nottingham. After passing Legoland (lethal!) we stopped at a service station on the motorway to refuel on tea and steal some free wifi. The “soundman” from Bristol had sent us our set from the night at The Fleece so we got to listen back to the new songs, whilst watching a spider in the van entice a fly into its web… All we need is a wasp and that would be an awesome triple threat match.

We arrived in the Sumac Centre in Nottingham, which can be only be described as Ian’s idea of heaven. Troy and Ian got stuck in and started to help chop some of the fresh veg that had been grown on site. At 4pm Marty Toner, the ATC lads and WTBR joined us. The weekend rip was offically on! A few of our loyal fans from back home, Dominic and Leona turned up at the gig as they both live in Notts now so after a bit of catching up with them, the bands started and the organic stout was in full flow. I was weary at first but I could really get used to it!

After The Sumac Centre was sufficiently rocked we drove over to Derby to Marty’s Gaff, had some pizza and fried chicken from our not so local local, swapped some crazy tour stories and passed out. Good times!

Dave x