Gerry and Troys dinner. £1.29 YUM.

Ian asleep on the ferry like he’s in a coffin.

Woke up at 4am Monday 8th Nov after nay sleep and to my surprise Pockets was at the door bang on 4.30am as planned. The two others in a taxi on the way so we had time for a brew before we hit the road for the ferry. Our van that was in the mechanics pretty much since we bought it  was miraculously fixed yesturday so we got to bring it with us which was SWEET so loaded it and bolted.

Wile bad storms meant the ferry was pure delayed by 90mins so we had a kip at dublin port, woke up and drove onto the ferry at 10am and kipped some more til we got to Wales. Hadn’t even left Holyhead before the van started giving us trouble and only managed 2 hrs driving down the motorway before we had to pull over with black smoke coming out the exhaust. Only way we could get to Cardiff now was to drive at 45mph(not by choice) for the next 6hrs black smoke n’all. Unfortunately by the time we arrived at Buffalo Bar in Cardiff the soundman had fucked off and cancelled the gig on us. The promoter was pure sound and has promised to help get us another Cardiff gig before tour ends so fingers crossed.

Remembered that Fighting With Wire we’re playing Cardiff the same night so rang Thomas Camblin (Our producer/, friend and manager of the lethal More Than Conquerors) and he got us on the guest list so we sprinted round to Clwb ifor bach(Club Wales) to catch a class set from the Irish boys. Nice surprise. Troy bought the new FWW EP which is only available on this tour and it’s LETHAL! Pure Nirvana and we’ve been blastin it since.

Stuck Mollie Diamonds (friend we met on last tour and thrashed her house. Absolute legend of a chick)address into the sat nav and gave her a bombscare. Party in the van to avoid pissing off her housemates to get the night off to a flyer. I’m still off the booze so I drove them into town and let Molly, Pockets, Dave and Troy loose in Cardiff  already fueled by a litre bottle of vod and FWW riffs and I went back to sleep. 3.30am and the madness began as I was awoke by a few off balance slurring half humans who told me all the craic that occured in the past 3 hrs since I left them. Turns out a lot can happen in that time as Ian lost his wallet, they all got chucked out of Live Lounge (£1 tequila place we’re we partied with Kasper Rosa on the last tour) after giving it some hard core hip hop on the dance floor and maccy dees after Dave stuffed 2 double cheese burgers into his gob.

Got the funniest video of Dave and Troy talking shite hammered which will hopefully make it to the tour video. For some drunken reason Ian decided to sleep in the van in the freezing cold-he regretted this idea the following morning. As Dave stuffed his face with a microwavable korma and talked more shit to Troy I conked      out. Day 1 was eventful surely it can’t get any more hectic than that………