After waking up from the night before we went to a pure old school cafe for a round of fries and tea (coffee and tea for Ian). After that Gerry went and watched the football in an Australian bar to brush up on his Aussie accent. The rest of us decided to explore the Parisesque city that is Derby and hand out a few fliers for the gig that evening. Troy and myself got lost in the Derby Markets in a retro console shop and a class Manga place. Turns out we were playing in a Coffee shop not too dissimilar from our own Charlies. After we set up and another run in with the cops because our Bus for now, known as “Frank the Tank” got in a ruck with them. He won.

The Gig went awesome, opening acts kicked ass and my thumb was hanging off my hand by the end. Feckin’ blisters.

The only thing left to do was party so Marty took us to the local rock pub called The Old Bell for a loada Guinness extra cold, post rock and pints, can it get any better? Ian went mental on the shots, there was a bitta Riverdancing and as Gerry’s now a Metallica fan, air guitar.

Rawk xx