After a few days on the road with 3 guys and no showers facilities in our van we reach Nottingham. Turning up early for a change we instantly seek out food. Ian and his amazing sense for sniffing out chippys comes into action and we only part with 2.50 each for a munch and a half. So onto the venue, Marty Toner from Alright The Captain meets us there and we set everything up. Out of the nights bands we are the only band with vocals. Amazing sets by all and some banter with Nottingham heads. Eventually we get packed up and realise that we’ve been parked beside a place called “ANTIBO”…nothing more fitting.

So 20 minutes later and a quick stop at a 24 hour off licence (remember..24hr drinking here) were in staying in Alrite The Captains HQ in Derby. Good Times and alot of noise. Sorry to Marty housemates for Gerrys abnormally loud whispers. Finally a pull out bed and a pillow. Sorted!


we now know why notts forest are called so.

parking attendants are evil and infinite in number

keith duffy was appearing for no reason

we named the van “dirty frank”