Date – Sat 27th Feb
Location – Movie House, Cinema Dublin Road, Belfast.
Time 9:30am
Song – All You Know And Love Will Die

We’re at it again but this time we need way more people to pull this off. All you have to do is sit down and look at the screen while we play. We haven’t had a chance to story board it yet as we have just confirmed a date but fun shall be had. 100 people is a lot but at least its a Sat.

Also we want as many band members as possible just to keep it in the family. This is an ALL AGES video shoot so if your in school spread the word about and get all your mates down.

Anyone who feels they could help out in any way please get in touch with Matthew Alexander Patton

It’ll be a miracle if we pull this off but we believe in you. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!