1. A PLASTIC ROSE – Superspeed

2. DUKE SPECIAL – You Can’t Catch Me

3. NEW DAMAGE – Transitions


5. THE LOWLY KNIGHTS – Weight on my mind (ATL live session)

6. TRT – Mr. Mann

7. ELLIPSUS – Signals

8. THE REVERB – She Gets Along

9. THIRD HARVEST – In This World

10. THE GOOD FIGHT – Landslide

Thanks to everyone who downloaded our song ‘Superspeed’ getting it to the top of this chart. We’ve been in the top 10 a few times but this is the first time we hit the top spot. Spread the word and get all your mates to download it for FREE and see if we can keep it up there for a little bit longer. It’s very easy, just go to http://www.nichart.com/download and click on us. 

See you front row at Reading and Leeds 

Gerry x